The Path to Fate.

Did the Gods always know what we are just learning now?

It seems quite implausible, yet they must have somehow.

For years there were flashes and glimpses of your face, your eyes, and smile so sure.

Unaware each time that I had been dreaming of you,

disguised each time by a light bright and pure.

I believe that I dreamt of you before the first time we met.

As a small child you came to me often in slumber

making sure I would never forget.

Some say that souls travel through this life and next searching for the other.

Across space, time, distance and fate they must be joined together.

Once they do, like magic it’s instant! 

Recognizing the one they have traveled to meet.

The other awaits with open arms extended, there, to lovingly greet.

Knowing they are the one they have waited to hold close and near.

Their spirits embrace as they shed doubts and fears.

Fate had it all planned, with the story written and lovers divined.

A game for the Gods, watching them search until they allow them to find.

That elusive piece to the puzzle, two halves of a whole.

The prize is the lovers bound by the soul.

That magnetic connection, the peace they each crave.

Across space, time, distance and fate they forged ahead both gallant and brave.

And hearts that were weighted with sagas of pain each had to bare.

Yet now they are one, a force to behold, to the future they dare.

Copyright ©2007 Veronica  Romm

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3 thoughts on “The Path to Fate.

  1. dammit veronica. i was hoping your blog would be sort of like mine but i guess poetry is good every now and then.. my vocabulary is horrible so i probably won’t even understand half the words lol.


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