Goodbye Butterfly

Calm night divides my soul 
from the trappings of the flesh.
My selfless eye wanders upon your beauty
touched by flashes of light from the night past.
Overwhelmed with joy because your smile
makes a dancer of my heart.
I am truly one with the mystery
that surrounds us all.
Oh beautiful butterfly
you stay in my heart
flapping your wings I carry you always
in memories we can never part.

This lovely poem was written by a

good friend for me as I was moving

away.  We shared a difficult time in

our lives and I thank you Marc for

being there for me.  ~Veronica

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6 thoughts on “Goodbye Butterfly

  1. I really didn’t think you liked this poem too much at the time when I gave it to you..but it means a lot to me that you posted it next to your work. Thats saying something,and it makes me ya


  2. That pic at the top totally freaks me out. It reminds me of the bastard child of Chucky (from Child’s play), the girl from Firestarter (Drew Barrymore), and the lunatic clown from Stephen King’s book “It”.

    I am not telling you to change it, but I just want you to know that it causes me nightmares and frequent inconvenient incontinence.

    No hard feelings though.


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