First love, the sequel.


First love is torturous.  When it is also true love and presents itself at a very unfair age, it is a romance that will be tested… Who could possibly imagine that at seventeen, eighteen the high school boyfriend, the first love is the love? A love so strong and true it haunts her, always there in her heart and that place where nothing else will ever reside.

She lives and loves, enjoys fulfilling relationships with other people from various backgrounds who teach her the lessons she was meant to learn. Those loves can not be diminished for they help define the true love that is lost. With each bond extinguished the emptiness of the loss of him multiplies, grows when it should dim.

What if then he is once again there, wherever there may be? So close in proximity his presence is a constant tug on that place in her heart once she glimpses his face again. He is angry, still very angry, and again very angry. He says that she changed him, made him callous, and made him fear. The idea stabs her heart and that place where he still exists as he was, an idea that has been lost.

What if he is still that same boy who wants to free himself from fear and open up the place he says she destroyed? When he looks at her and the eyes, the eyes that haven’t changed the eyes she fell in love with, convey emotions that make that place in the heart tear a bit further, hemorrhage slowly. 

She sees in those eyes the only man she ever met who she would want to be the Daddy. She sees in those eyes, in utter disbelief the man she has never let go. The one she would tell her best girlfriends about late nights, tears streaming down their cheeks, for the friend always believed too.

What if there is no chance he will ever trust her, ever let him get to know her as she is now? Never letting her show him how he loved her, how he taught her to love and because of fear and anger, lock away that place in his heart that only she had been given. Locked in a safe with the combination a faint memory.

All he sees when she looks in his wondrous eyes is the one that caused pain she cannot ever understand. He only wants to turn his back on her, walk away; speed away for it is dangerous to not speed full throttle out of her midst.

What if he goes against all that he thought he knew and lets her in? What if he takes the supreme chance and lets a love he can’t deny still exists, enter his life? What a chance he would be taking. He was once a gambling man but the odds, are hardly worth it?  Or maybe the only risk worth taking?

What if he lets her in and she can put her guard down just long enough to show him how much love she has to offer him? What if they are as they should be perhaps, if things like that happen? Can they happen? Would he take that chance because he is like her and can’t deny that they are the most real he will ever be?

What if he never lets her in and wonders always if maybe she was who she claimed she was, the one that he loves just as she loves him? How will she stop the bleeding of her heart? How will he live knowing that she bleeds for him? With steely resolve? With regret and resentment?

What if they live happily ever after?

Copyright ©2008 Veronica Romm

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11 thoughts on “First love, the sequel.

  1. Preach on V – nobody forgets the first. I am so programmed by reading inferior posts that I am always looking for the citation to the original author for the post content. You exhibit a fleeting and rare originality in your words and chosen form of expression. I always dig it because it is real.

    “I used to live in a room full of mirrors; all I could see was me. I take my spirit and I crash my mirrors, now the whole world is here for me to see.” ~ James Marshall Hendrix


  2. I am disgustingly idealistic, so the only “what if” I let in was the last one 😉 …the other ones frightened me, but I still loved reading about them 🙂


  3. I love that pic.. and I love how expressive you can be in your writing. There are so many “what ifs” in life…


  4. This is so beautiful and so sad. The picture just tears me apart, and the description makes me want to help them somehow.


  5. sometimes, we just have to take the risk … that’s the only way to know… it’s hard living with so many “what ifs” 🙂

    have a nice day… and do continue writing!


  6. What if, what if, what if… those’ll kill ya.

    When the real thing comes, we know it, we feel it, and it works out and while we may not live happily ever after, we can sometimes really find that true love, that soul love, that love that first touched us and never really, truly disappeared.

    My answer?

    Anything is possible, truly, honestly and absolutely.

    Peace to all today and every day.

    (Veronica, somehow your name and you keep coming into my life and today when I saw your name again I knew I had to come visit. All my love and good, warm vibes.)


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