I am a conspiracy theorist.

There are at least two sides to every story, and once the media gets involved then there are countless more. I was a precocious child and seriously questioned “facts” I was being taught at school or heard on television. Thankfully my parents indulged my inquisitive nature and provided, to the best of their ability, answers and explanations. However, some explanations just didn’t equate and because I was a curious student I tended to independently research topics that the history books seemed to gloss over. In middle school I did three separate reports on the Cosa Nostra, the Mai Lai Massacre and Nixon’s presidency for one history class and the teacher asked me if I was OK, and suggested that perhaps I needed some guidance from the counselor due to my “depressing” (his words) topics. I believe this to be the time I started to lean toward alternative or “conspiracy theories.”

Through high school, college, and graduate school as well as a ridiculous amount of additional reading, my views on conspiracy theory evolved. I began to view the media as entertainment, often bereft of truth and always biased. Reporter’s were just actors reading words from a teleprompter fed them by sources who were responsible for making sure the news was just right for mass consumption. This created dissonance in me and led to a general distrust of authority. Needless to say it was a disappointing evolution but one that was inevitable for my personality and nature.

The event that convinced me, however, was the death of Princess Diana. Let me first say that I believe human beings are all “psychic” to some degree. I am a person who has had enough vivid premonitions (that have proven correct) to be convinced of “precognitive” phenomena as it pertains to me. I recognize these “visions“when the flash of information is accompanied by a very physical reaction, best described as a “gut feeling” increased heart rate and a sense of dread. (Unfortunately, my psychic sensitivity is strongest when pertaining to impending death, or physical trauma. Lucky me.) I digress; I was looking through our mail and found a People magazine (guilty pleasure) with a full cover shot of Diana and a small inset picture of Dodi Fayed the headline mentioned that the Princess might be with child. I remember holding the magazine and saying out loud (no one was home) “Diana, what are you thinking, they are going to have you killed. The mother of the future King of England can’t have a stepchild with an Arab. This is the final straw.” I stared at the cover and felt doom and dread, which is the only way to describe it. Of course, I forgot about it in a few days, but not before telling my Mom and best friend, the weird premonition I had. Three weeks later, as I made my way home in the early hours of the morning from a night out in NYC, I turned on the TV and there is was. The car had just crashed eight minutes or so prior and there was no word on the condition of the passengers. Once I heard Diana was involved I knew she was gone and I sat and cried, watching the coverage. The official announcement that Princess Di and Dodi had perished came sometime later, but it was a formality for I knew what had happened on a guttural level. Of course hearing confirmation just turned the tears to sobs, as my mother and best friend watched the same coverage and tried to comfort me as best they could. This was by no means the first time I had a similar experience, I just wished I had been wrong.

Time Out: This is where you think I am crazy and delusional and I would too. I know I am putting myself out there for ridicule, but that is in fact what a conspiracy theory invites.

Since then I have delved deeply into the Kennedy family, which perhaps was the most disenchanting research I have come across. Camelot? What Camelot? Watching Spitzer squirm out of politics, I wondered how J.F.K. might have fared under the same media scrutiny? My guess is he would never have been elected for a second term, if he ever made it to a first. A dirtier bunch has yet to be found.

The events which transpired on 9/11 were very close to home for me. Having lived in New York for most of my life the grief over lost friends and acquaintances had to be endured and only with time could they be questioned. Consequently, along with the sadness, disbelief and anger I was feeling, there was the gnawing suspicion that somehow the events of that day were not as they had been reported. It took quite some time to be able to start thinking about and asking questions about those facts. I discovered Loose Change, the first edition one day on YouTube and watched with horror as the documentary laid out the information that pointed to other theories of the attack. Skeptic that I was, there were some glaring discrepancies the film illuminated which I could not ignore (See the third edition of Loose Change for all the hypotheses). And so, like many conspiracy theorists, I simply don’t believe the party line that 9/11 was an act of brilliant terrorists who managed to pull off the impossible.

I by no means claim to know what happened in any of these tragic historical events, and am resigned to the fact that I may never know to my satisfaction. Yet they all, in their own way, foster my belief in conspiracies, cover-ups and crimes perpetrated at the expense of human lives and with blatant disregard for truth, morality and any semblance of a government that can be trusted. So I question everything, do you?

Copyright ©2008 Veronica Romm

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16 thoughts on “I am a conspiracy theorist.

  1. You are absolutely right, and let me tell you a shocking secret – Im just eighteen years old and im a conspiracy theorist too. Just like you probably were at my age. I know the worst to be true – Diana’s death, 9/11 being an inside job, Osama bin Laden’s staged death, Obama not being a US citizen, Bush’s election rigged in his favor, FEMA concentration camps, the NWO, etc. etc. Yup, i could go on and on. You know where I learned all this? LewRockwell.com and its truthful news started my quest, and Ron Paul kicked in my questioning ferver even more.

    Needless to say, i know ABSOLUTELY no one who would believe me. I tried to wake my parents up, but they’re such closed minded sheeple that they didnt believe me. I’m afraid to tell them, too, that “school” is nothing more than the government’s tool to turn kids into mindlessly obedient slaves, because it will cause an uproar in my household (since I’m known as the A-student in my fam.) Knowing that, I dont even want to go to college, but I know THAT will cause an even BIGGER outrage from my parents who have been wanting me to go to college for years. It’s a good thing to know the truth – but having to basically keep it all inside makes it so painful. It’s a miserable existence. A very lonely existence and im getting so goddamned tired of keeping it all inside anymore. Im gonna come out!

    We should email each other 😀


  2. i am skeptical of everything but these conspiracies have me both convinced and paranoid like you wouldn’t believe. the zeitgeist documentary is what started my journey as a conspiracy theorist and the book ishmael has aided my sanity. i am studying social psychology because i need to understand how masses of people can blindly believe everything presented to them.


  3. Veronica, this is the song I had intended to post as my original comment, I just couldn’t remember where I hid it, or did “they” hide it on me? Don’t know. Again it’s one from The Dead Milkmen, two songs on the topic of conspiracy, I wonder what these guys are afraid of. . .

    I know the CIA is watching me
    I’m a target of the FBI and PMRC

    I do not sleep I spend my nights worrying of satellites
    They put an eye into the sky and did not tell the people why
    I do not sleep I spend my nights worrying about satellites

    My neighbors are not the folks they appear to be
    They’ve been replaced by the agency
    I try to get to sleep but it’s no good
    My coffee does not taste the way it should

    I know there’s no way to make them stop
    My house is surrounded by the cops
    They love to plant hidden microphones
    I find them when I clean up around my home

    I am sorry, yes I am
    I do not talk to strangers ma’am
    You’re part of this giant plot
    Please don’t tell me that you’re not
    I am sorry, yes I am
    I do not talk to strangers ma’am

    My kids must be part of the conspiracy
    Mr. Rogers works hand in hand with the KGB

    And by the way, I hope your move went well, welcome back!


  4. You not alone Nica. Astral projection and remote viewing have been studied in depth by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. I have experienced premonition and foreknowledge more than a few times. This is a product of being not only plugged int the human experience, but being aware enough to receive the transmission.

    I know why JFK’s assassination and the 9-11 “event” are filed in the dustbin of history. Events such as these have the effect psychologically overpowering citizen. To embrace the notion that these were designed shock-doctrine operations is a concept too cast and conspiritorial to make make sense of. The facts are beyond dispute though. The collusive MSM has their marching orders and cannot touch the kryptonite. That is where the independent media fills the void. Those who reject it are the sheep blindly led to their slaughter.

    Regarding 9-11:
    * Who are al Qaeda? They are the Mujahadeen warriors the CIA covertly funded and trained. The names of these people were kept in a database (al Qaeda is arabic for “the base”

    * Why did the chief of Pakastani intelligence (ISI) wire $100,000 to Atta?

    * Why did Norman Minetta (Transportation Secretary)t testify to Congress that a man continually notified Cheney that “the plane” was 50, 30, 20, and 10 miles out before the Pentagon attack on 9-11? Why did he antagonistically tell the man that “the orders stand, did I tell you otherwise?”

    * Why did Fox News bury the story of the 140 “art student” Mossad spies who were tracking the 19 terrorists and spying on federal installations?

    * Why did the 5 “high-fiver” Mossad agents (who were detained for 6 weeks after their caputure” go on Israeli TV and claim that they were only in the U.S. to “document the event” of 9-11?

    Inquiring minds thirst for the truth.


  5. Loubird said we will never know until the documents become available, but these people do not answer to elected govenments and they certainly don’t keep written records. And i also agree with Gareth. Most conspiracy theories are based on fact; but Veronicca, i am surprised you haven’t talked about Area 51.


  6. @ Loubird: Thanks, I thought my teacher was a jerk and it’s sad that it is probably still going on. I might have been put on some red flag list today for potential threats or something.

    @ Alanlee67: Always a pleasure to see you here. We have much to discuss.

    @someknwledge: I may have been that, it’s just that my premonitions also come out of the blue with no prior knowledge of situations, and when they happen it is still shocking

    @Jerrygarcia86: I agree with you. Thanks for reading.

    @Chrislacour: Cool song, thank you for sharing.

    @ Gareth: Thanks, I agree she didn’t deserve that but clearly it was not an accident.


  7. Most conspiracy theories are true. Diana was murdered and with good reason. The royal family have a lot to hide and she was a ‘loose cannon’. All the eye-witnesses claim to have seen a flashing light just before that Fiat Uno collided with Diana’s mercades. The flashing light was in fact a strobe light – an anti-personnel device used by our security forces to disorientate people. The crash had nothing to do with the paparazzi. Aunri Paul was not drunk. Look at the video evidence taken of him tying his shoe-laces at the Ritz hotel. If he had been as drunk as the blood samples suggest, he would have fallen over. Don’t know too much about American conspiracy theories, but i think what happened to Diana stinks. It was murder most foul.


  8. The Dead Milkmen, The Conspiracy Song –

    Please let me tell you
    They own our homes, they own our banks
    We take out loans to buy them tanks
    They own our children, they own our pets
    The owned Elvis and Bernhard Goetz
    They own our rugs and our flower pots
    There ain’t nothin’ they haven’t got
    They own the papers and the TV’s
    The water works, record companies

    Let me remind you
    They own the talk shows
    They make the rules
    They own Geraldo and Donahue
    They own the state, they own the church
    They pick the winners on Star Search
    They own the Christians, they own the Jews
    They own the Moslems, Mormons, too
    They put the holes in our socks
    They put that snake in my mail box

    From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli
    We are all tools of the conspiracy
    From the littlest baby to the biggest V.I.P.
    We are all tools of the conspiracy

    Run to the window, they’re coming to get you
    Hide in the basement, they’re coming to get you
    Flee to the rooftop, they’re coming to get you
    Don’t go outside, no don’t let them get you

    Someone should tell you,
    They own the CIA and the IRS
    They tell us where to shop and how to dress
    They own the workers, they own the boss
    They know what’s in the secret sauce
    They own the drugs, they own the narcs
    We all know they own Dick Clark
    They own it all, they own everything
    They write the songs that make the whole world sing


  9. There have been too many events in our history that suggests our government was involved in a conspiracy or a cover-up. The term “911” has become a massive effort to create a common memory with no questions asked about what happened.


  10. Sounds like the Diana premonition was more of a logical deduction from the facts and a knowledge of the corruption of the ruling class. Of course there is a conspiracy. How else could a handful of people so dominate the seven billion persons that live on earth with their obscene governments?


  11. We could engage in some serious dialog about this. The bigger and more absurd the lie the easier it is to get the populace to believe it. Shock and awe reaps only short term rewards but sacrifices long term prosperity for everyone. Great post.


  12. I whole-heartedly agree and you’re right that most of us will never know the true stories for many current events. Only time will tell, once all documents are available for historians.

    It’s funny too, how if we are interested in the unusual or controversial, teachers or other “establishment” people will try to disuade us or criticize us. Call us crazy or whatever. I find it incredibly amusing (now after the fact) that your teacher would criticize your choice of subjects as ‘depressing’. Haha, sounds like he had his head in the sand.


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