Ok, so it’s not what I hoped.


April 28th 2008:

This morning I wrote the post below thinking I was having Laproscopic surgery, easy in out, done.  Unfortunately, I am now having as my surgeon said “Major surgery that has a high success rate.”  I also must wait yet another week because I will be needing a series of pre-op tests this week to prepare for the main event.  These include procedures that require local anesthetic and are “generally very uncomfortable.”  Once those are done I am expected to be in the hospital for FOUR days at the very least. 




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Patch me up. stat!



 This is the post from this morning.

Today I am off to meet the Surgeon who will be opening me up and tinkering with my insides. I am calm and ready to get better. The Dr. comes highly recommended by a few different people I trust. Hoping that I can get operated on tomorrow b/c the last 3 weeks have been less than, to say the least. Wish me luck kids and hope my procedure does not mirror that of the above cartoon. Peace, Veronica

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Update on the state of me.


For those who don’t know and actually care.  I have been sick for the last 2 + weeks and I was supposed to have had (abdominal) surgery this week, but unfortunately I won’t be feeling much better until next week.  The healthcare system loves it’s red tape and other people’s money. 

I am doing fine under the circumstances and with the help of some pretty powerful drugs, am not in much pain.  I am however pretty limited in my movement.  Worst of all I can’t really focus on the computer screen and miss writing and doing my online thing with my online friends. 

I am pretty calm about the surgery part.  Never been much of a hypochondriac, and find it hard to worry about something I have little control over.  I know I have a belly problem and  with laproscopic surgery I should be feeling better than I have in a long time.   My mom is quite a different story and I find myself consoling her, telling her that I will be fine.  LOL

So there you have it.  I will be checking in of course, so feel free to drop me a message (hint,hint), send an email, telegram, smoke signal, shout out, prayer or what have you.  Have a good weekend, Veronica




When I started private high school my sophomore year, I met a fellow Russian student and we became very close friends.  Living in the suburbs and away from where most of my other Russian friends grew up, (mainly in Brooklyn and Queens) it was great to finally have a friend with whom I shared the same immigration experience and could speak the language to.  Although, in the last few years we have completely lost touch, I still miss her and the bond we shared.  She was an incredible writer from day one and for an assignment she wrote this poem about the disillusioned families that ventured here, and I thought it was brilliant and basically memorized it and have shared it with many people throughout my life, as I am sharing it with you now.  I wish I could credit her here using her full name and if she happens upon it, I will be thrilled too, but for the sake of her privacy I shall only give her first name, Zorina G. (which means a Queen in Russian).  I miss my friend and thank her for this piece of writing that has stayed close to my heart.  I hope that one day we will find one another again, maybe this poem will find her.  Who knows? 


When we heard about this country we were

under the impression that the sidewalks were paved with gold.

When we came to this country we discovered several things;

First, the sidewalks were not paved in gold.

Second we realized the sidewalks were not paved at all.

And third, that in fact we were supposed to pave them.


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