Who knew I would be on hiatus?


I am in the process of a move and also have yet to get Internet, so I am on a mini hiatus.  I am going through withdrawal from blogging and all my friends and I feel so out of touch with the world.  I have no TV but on a bright note will be watching some new movies to review.  I didn’t know how much I depended on this blog as an outlet and I feel so grateful for all the people whose writing and ideas inspire me.  Don’t know what you got… and every other cliche.  I will be back as soon as humanly possible.  I love my new place and feel like a total handywoman doing everything on my own (I mean like plumbing and shelving).  Peace.  Veronica

4 thoughts on “Who knew I would be on hiatus?

  1. Obviously
    We’ll all be here when you return, V

    Don’t obsess ! There’s more to life than a keyboard…

    Hurry up every chance ya get though !!….meow, meow… I’m hungry


  2. Hope you’ll be back soon, and you’re so resourceful with your shelving and plumbing skills! Maybe you can do a blog-101 on those things when you get back, haha 😉


  3. Peace be upon you Nica. We (all of your readers) know you can handle whatever the material plane throws in your way. “Get up stand up, stand up for your right, get up stand up, don’t give up the fight.”


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