Update on the state of me.


For those who don’t know and actually care.  I have been sick for the last 2 + weeks and I was supposed to have had (abdominal) surgery this week, but unfortunately I won’t be feeling much better until next week.  The healthcare system loves it’s red tape and other people’s money. 

I am doing fine under the circumstances and with the help of some pretty powerful drugs, am not in much pain.  I am however pretty limited in my movement.  Worst of all I can’t really focus on the computer screen and miss writing and doing my online thing with my online friends. 

I am pretty calm about the surgery part.  Never been much of a hypochondriac, and find it hard to worry about something I have little control over.  I know I have a belly problem and  with laproscopic surgery I should be feeling better than I have in a long time.   My mom is quite a different story and I find myself consoling her, telling her that I will be fine.  LOL

So there you have it.  I will be checking in of course, so feel free to drop me a message (hint,hint), send an email, telegram, smoke signal, shout out, prayer or what have you.  Have a good weekend, Veronica


9 thoughts on “Update on the state of me.

  1. I wish you the inevitable Veronica, which will be a positive outcome 🙂 You have to take your bumps with stride. We will be waiting for your eventual ascendancy.


  2. Hi Veronica… indeed that isn’t good news. I hope all goes well with the surgery and that you recover as quickly as possible. Have a good weekend too.


  3. I was wondering How U are feeling now.. Hope the surgery goes on well and U recover soon.. I am sending U Prayers and good wishes to get well soon.. get back to normal life again….Take care…. ****BRAVO****


  4. That’s great that you aren’t all that worried about the surgery. Personally, I don’t like doctors and I always wait to go get something checked out until it’s too late and by then I’m really sick or broken.
    So, feel better so you can let them fix ya up and really feel better.


  5. I’m sorry you’re feeling discomfort, and we miss you just as much! I’m sure all will go well and I’m glad you’ll be feeling better soon!

    Take care 🙂


  6. I’m sorry that you aren’t doing well and I hope that surgery takes care of the problem for you. As you probably remember I had emergency stomach surgery last year so I feel ya’, sistah.



  7. I am sending you positive karma, and know that you will be fine. I had missed my stumbleupon friend. Again, I am thinking positive thoughts for you. From your Furry Freak Bro.


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