Ok, so it’s not what I hoped.


April 28th 2008:

This morning I wrote the post below thinking I was having Laproscopic surgery, easy in out, done.  Unfortunately, I am now having as my surgeon said “Major surgery that has a high success rate.”  I also must wait yet another week because I will be needing a series of pre-op tests this week to prepare for the main event.  These include procedures that require local anesthetic and are “generally very uncomfortable.”  Once those are done I am expected to be in the hospital for FOUR days at the very least. 




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4 thoughts on “Ok, so it’s not what I hoped.

  1. “Who Knew”
    –an original poem by Stumbot–

    So sad to hear
    that surgery’s near
    and the procedure won’t be as expected

    in the meantime my friend,
    don’t overextend
    do just as the Dr. instructed

    when its all through
    you’ll be good as new
    the sun shines when we get past the fog

    be a good patient now
    but make a plan, take a vow
    to have a party worth describing in your blog.


  2. Damn, girl! I’m sorry to hear of your discomfort. I’ll try to stop by daily for updates. Haven’t seen you on cre8buzz in a long time. I’ve been busy doing a new community blog for them, the Anthill. If your up to it, email me. Otherwise I’ll just check here for news. Get better soon, sweetie!


  3. Me and all your friends know you will be fine in 2 wks! Just like NEW! Stay positive as will we… =-)


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