I am home from the hospital.


First and most importantly I want to say Thank You for all of your thoughts prayers and wishes. They were obviously very powerful for I am home before schedule. Go me and my awesome surgeon!

I am now at my Mom’s where I will be for the next week at the very least. I was discharged from the hospital at 9:30 am 5/12/2008. Proud to report that all went well and as I had predicted I beat all the milestones and got out of there before anyone expected. I told everyone I am a tough cookie so now the proof is evident.

I am now more heavily medicated, so this may all seem well coherent to me alone, if so just play along, lol. I am so happy to be away from the constant buzz of the hospital monitors and out those ever embarrassing, butt exposing gowns (why that added humiliation I will never know?).

I miss my life but know that this procedure will have long term positive effects, for I have been struggling with my belly for too long.

My Mom is doting on me and of course if probably more mangled by all of this than I. Such is having a wonderful parent(s) and I am not complaining. It sucked that mothers day was spent in the recovery unit but I promised to make it up to her.

So there it is, or rather there is all I can accomplish for now on this blog. I just wanted to Thank all of my friends here in my web life, who’s positivity, prayers and sentiments greatly helped me get through the long wait prior to surgery. I will be on my blog or Stumbleupon, my hub so come say hi and I look forward to catching up.

Thanks guys, you are some of the most amazing people a girl could have the honor to know. Hugs and Kisses,

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8 thoughts on “I am home from the hospital.

  1. I knew you would speed through the hospital recovery, and enjoy the TLC from your mom!

    *big hugs* and feel better soon! 🙂


  2. You mentioned medication– and those seem to be heroine poppies in the header! Nice coordination of text & graphics! (just kidding).

    Glad you are out of the hospital, and hope you are ready to go back to your life soon.



  3. Very happy to know that the surgery went on very well. Welcome back to the SU land and the blogs! Hope U get back to normal life soon and I was just thinking of messaging U today but then saw in ur Su blog this new post! Nice to read this Update~ If i were near U I could ‘ve visited U with a bunch of flowers! Now that Im so far away, I can send U healing thoughts and vibrations…and pray for u.. Wishing U to recover soon…((hugs)) and very nice to see U in SU again!


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