Congratulations Barack Obama





I read Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance  by Barack Obama4 years ago.  I have been fascinated with the man since.  He told a story of his life without grandiosity and with questions rather than doctrines.  Now he has come this far.  He is young, vibrant and hard-working.  He deserves this he has overcome a great deal to get here.  I am proud to see this man in the position he is currently in, no matter what comes next.  I do, in fact fear for him.  I am a lover of history and with that know that the good die young and that fanaticism runs rampant.  Yet, I have hope.  I need to believe and he is someone who I believe in . 


Book Review of Dreams from My Father:

Obama argues with himself on almost every page of this lively autobiographical conversation. He gets you to agree with him, and then he brings in a counter-narrative that seems just as convincing. Son of a white American mother and of a black Kenyan father whom he never knew, Obama grew up mainly in Hawaii. After college, he worked for three years as a community organizer on Chicago’s South Side. Then, finally, he went to Kenya, to find the world of his dead father, his “authentic” self. Will the truth set you free, Obama asks? Or will it disappoint? Both, it seems. His search for himself as a black American is rooted in the particulars of his daily life; it also reads like a wry commentary about all of us. He dismisses stereotypes of the “tragic mulatto” and then shows how much we are all caught between messy contradictions and disparate communities. He discovers that Kenya has 400 different tribes, each of them with stereotypes of the others. Obama is candid about racism and poverty and corruption, in Chicago and in Kenya. Yet he does find community and authenticity, not in any romantic cliche{‚}, but with “honest, decent men and women who have attainable ambitions and the determination to see them through.” by Hazel Rochman

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7 thoughts on “Congratulations Barack Obama

  1. Don’t get too excited no politician can do anything for you: if you want something in life its up to you to go out and get it. May be this guy can stick up your taxes but that’s about it.


  2. My first choice was John Edwards, in part because his amazing wife, Elizabeth, sometimes reads my blog and once invited me to share an audience with her and in part because he and I both come from Southern cotton mill towns and share many, many views. And any man Elizabeth Edwards would marry has to be great as she’s amazingly smart.

    That said, I really hope to see Barak Obama in the White house as he too knows what it’s like to be a part of the working class in modern day America.

    As for the chance that someone might kill him… Everyone who seeks to become President is wearing a target on his or her shirt. It’s not good, it’s simply the way of the world these days.


  3. I also hear of hate w/him due to his color alone…It’s a shame really…I know little about him but he seems to be a VERY good speaker…Much more than I can say about you know who in office now…I wish him the best of luck.


  4. Did you see last nights speech? You’re not the only one fearing for him, he came out surounded by no fewer than six secret service agents. As he left he had up to eight of those guys on him. And he’s not even President yet! (yet.)
    It’s so sad that an accomplishment such as his has to be overshadowed by the fear of assasination.
    As a nation, we’ve come so far to elect a black man as a candidate for President, but there’s still too much hate in this country. And that is really too bad.


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