The Gambler

Sometimes I get really sentimental, and this is what happens. So here is me, in a mood rarely shared.  I usually escape into my world and listen to whatever makes me feel like this, today I felt like it was time to share it with others.  Maybe we are all gamblers, just trying to make it through the hand we are dealt.  The lyrics in this song apply to so many things (the chorus specifically) in life.  But I would rather be a gambler, then sit by and watch the others play.

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5 thoughts on “Sentimental

  1. Dang, I wish my computer’s speakers hadn’t blown out one day after the warranty was up , but I am assuming that’s the same old Kenny Rogers “The Gambler” I wore the grooves out on in L.P. fashion many moons ago?

    Anamazingly well-written song.

    I think I was quite in love with Kenny for a while. Often times “You decorated My Life” will come popping into my head too.



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