Out of Context


This image created by tornglass a very talented photog and photoshop pro.

It is amazing to see my words out of context as such.  I know which poem each phrase or word comes from, yet like this the meanings get shuffled and become meaningful on their own.  It is also fascinating to read the words that were chosen by another, and created into a piece of art.  I can ponder the reason for each choice, or like with poetry leave the meaning to the interpreter.  Either way, it reminds me of the style used by William S. Burroughs the cut-up technique in his book Naked Lunch and others.


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3 thoughts on “Out of Context

  1. Very stylistic. Somehow this reminds me of a book I once read… can’t recall the title, but it was about a boy who’s father died in the World Trade Center. Towards the end the words began all running together, creating an entirely new art form.

    – Jaden


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