Who Knew?

Who knew knowledge could be sorrow?

Who knew our rights could be stripped away?

Who knew laws could never govern?

Who knew leaders could get lost?

Who knew identities could be stolen?

Who knew faces could be altered?

Who knew science could betray us?

Who knew history could be ignored?

Who knew evil could be taught?

Who knew heroes could be villains?

Who knew our neighbors could be saints?

Who knew sinners could be teachers?

Who knew clothes could make the man?

Who knew possessions could be priceless?

Who knew wealth could be so hungry?

Who knew money could buy power?

Who knew fame could be an illness?

Who knew words could soon be censored?

Who knew hate could turn to love?

Who knew our bodies could betray us?

Who knew hearts could really break?

Who knew laughter could be medicine?

Who knew our children could be cruel?

Who knew man could choose a bomb?

Who knew mothers could kill their babies?

Who knew sisters could be strangers?

Who knew our sons could die at war?

Who knew pain could be a business?

Who knew pleasure could lead to death?

Who knew friends could turn against us?

Who knew memories could fade so quickly?

Who knew lovers could be untrue?

Who knew time could heal all wounds?

Who knew questions could be left unanswered?

Copyright ©2007 Veronica  Romm

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16 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. A Rose
    In a Garden of Pain
    An Oasis
    In a hot dusty plain
    A Shelter
    From the Driving Rain
    A Poem
    To caress the Insane


  2. Great writing- who knew that I would make a friend on the internet such a talented person. Oh, happy birthday if today is correct, or happy unbirthday as the Beatles sang. From your Fab Furry Freak Bro


  3. I am with Romi on this one.. that is the one that caught my eye too.. “who knew wealth could be so hungry”…

    nice, nice, nice..


  4. That was so lovely and thought provoking…”who knew wealth could be so hungry?”…I don’t know why but that one really stood out to me (and no I’m not wealthy, haha 😉 )

    PS: I love the Van Gogh header 🙂


  5. Ah, I wish I’d written this one – it’s so full of truths.

    Thank you very much. I wish this could be spread around the world. It could/might save many from untold sorrows if they took it to heart and really listened.

    Peace to you today and every day.


  6. I like this piece a lot! I do feel sad when I read it and at the same time, I guess I did know, but seeing it written is very moving. Thanks for posting it!


  7. so many questions and so few answers the world works in mysterious ways I guess…and as we age we become calmer with wisdom these answers could unfold in our busy lives. I’m hoping someday all these answers will be given to us. Or mabe somethings are better left unsaid. I miss you pokey 🙂


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