Wimbledon Men’s Final Point And Victory


Nadal Wins the 2008 Wimbledon Men’s Final:Championship Point

This was the greatest tennis match I have ever seen. Rafael Nadal wins his first Wimbledon and Roger is crushed. They played like gladiators and did so for over 4 hrs and 40 mins. Nadal emerged the champion. At 22 he is a tremendous athlete, a true champion and I have been a loyal fan since he turned pro. This is a beautiful moment in history I wish to share with you.

Bravo Rafa!

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3 thoughts on “Wimbledon Men’s Final Point And Victory

  1. This match was outstanding. I kept flipping back and forth when rain delays hit, but saw the ending. I couldn’t believe it. GO NADAL! Homeboy rocks!


  2. I watched every moment of this match, and I have to admit, I was rooting for Federer out of nostalgia really, but it was simply one of the greatest athletic battles I’ve ever seen.

    And what struck me in the end was the graciousness and dignity of both men. I listened to Rafa talk about his respect for his opponent at a moment when some hubris would have been understandable…but he was the kind of champion I could happily watch with my kids…hard working, dedicated, passionate…and ultimately humble, even in victory.

    I will be a fan of the “boy from Mallorca” for many years to come.


  3. What an epic five set match by the two titans of tennis. My eyes were glued to this marathon for 4 hours and 48 minutes! This was the greatest and perhaps the best quality tennis I have ever witnessed in any tournament. Congrats to Nadal for taking down the great Federer.


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