Don’t I know you?

I stumbled through a page today,
And found a friend along the way.
A simple hello and nice to meet you,
Followed by sharing a picture or two.
We noticed the hats right from the start
It may have helped her in standing apart.
From all over the world I meet great artists and minds.
Yet something told me we were two of a kind.
The oddest things came quickly to light.
Our lives would reveal a similar plight.
Instantly there was a comfort there.
I found that with her I am able to share.
No fear of judgment provides a space.
I need to have in order to trace.
The path that I’ve wandered that got me here
Those personal stories I can share without fear
Together I see something greater than two.
A friendship that helps both of us make it through.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t I know you?

  1. Lovely poem about friendship!
    That’s what friends are for…
    That’s what friendship is all about…
    But how u express it in beautiful poetry..

    Everything in a nutshell..
    U are a great friend ~ Veronica~
    What takes years for others,U understand it so quickly,
    Ur words are full of wisdom,
    A friend like U is a great blessing …

    I am very happy to know U..
    A caring, honest friend.
    I respect U a lot.
    And value ur friendship like a treasure.



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