Hormonal Rant

I hate my thighs!

There is nothing on TV!

It’s too cold outside!

I need new clothes!

Traffic sucks!

I’m hungry!

I miss my friends!

I need a vacation!

My stomach is so flabby!

I can’t wear a bikini now!

Men are arrogant babies!

Dumb people should wear a sign!

There is nothing to eat!

Why is this taking so long!

Don’t you know who I am!

I want to scream!

I am screaming!

People are watching!

They must think I’m fat!

I need to take a deep breath!

Ok, maybe a few deep breaths!

I am so embarrassed!

I must get over myself!

I can’t stand being late!

Ok, am I late?

Thank god, right on time!

What was I saying?

Copyright ©2007 VeronicaRomm

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8 thoughts on “Hormonal Rant

  1. This looks like U have posted a bit of my mind..
    Thoughts never stop.
    Endlessly repeating abt everything..
    If we learn to observe thoughts, we can do something abt it.
    It’s not easy. WE get caught in this .. then it takes us higher, throws us down, and there we go sinking in our thought waves.. It never ceases.
    Meditation helps.
    But u have written it all so well
    Shows how thoughts control us.


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