Sunday special: T.I. and why I like rap.

T.I. – Whatever You Like

The video above is the latest from rapper T.I. This young man currently has a hit disc Paper Trail and has been on several talk shows such as Chelsea Lately (hilarious) and Tyra Banks (horrendous) among others. The song he sings is uplifting and deals with love, has a cute, catchy tune and shows off his other trademark, his very appealing look. He is a triple threat in that he can sing, write music, act and look great doing it all. Women LOVE him and the second of his two No. 1 singles features Rihanna another stunner.

On the flip side to Tip (his real name) is a former pimp, called the “rubber-band man” for wearing rubber bands around his wrists in order to keep all the money he made selling women organized. He was serving his house arrest sentence when he wrote the disc that is now a massive selling hit. Shortly he will be serving out a sentence of one year and one day in prison for possession of numerous machine guns. T.I. is twenty-eight years old and has six children, three with the woman he is currently with.

Watching the video and seeing this charming and attractive guy sing a Cinderella song with a sweet message and great tune, makes me feel several emotions simultaneously. First there is the attraction which can be blinding. Then there is this feeling after learning a few basic facts that this young man is making good, paying his debt to society and I feel proud of how far he has come. At the same time, seeing his rubber bands still prominently worn on the wrists makes me wonder whether he is glorifying his past? The newer charges and impending jail term seem so reckless for someone who is on top of his game. Why the machine guns now? The lawyers that his success can pay for are the best and yet he still got time, begging the question, what else was he charged with and what kind of deal was made?

T.I. has clearly seen a lot in his twenty eight years. Living as both a criminal and a star with an extensive entourage one might think he will stay on the straight and narrow. However, success can make the ego so delusional as to empower the individual to develop a sense of invincibility.  What’s in store for T.I. is impossible to predict, yet I am curious enough to pay attention to this talented hustler as he navigates stardom.


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9 thoughts on “Sunday special: T.I. and why I like rap.

  1. I have zero tolerence, for anyone who has made it to hollywood to be “branded” as an artist especially with “pimping” or in straight up words, “abusing women”. A lot of crews and people are at the whim of this and his entertainment management who get paid below scale and give 10000 percent make this guy look excellent and sound amazing to the ears — it just irks me at levels that are not imaginable. —

    I understand your thoughts and mine are related to but not related too. Unfortunately seeing this article sent me off the wall !! I apologize.


  2. I respect his skills as a rapper. and his ability to carry a tune but a true singer he is not! Unfortunately the average listener doesn’t know the difference and so this style is perpetuated as singing which it is not.Of course it’s unfortunate that this country (the USA ) celebrates both criminals and media stars.It is a shame that the media also fuels the fire etc. At 28 he should know better than to attempt to buy machine guns. He was a convicted felon so he should have known better.Everyone makes some mistakes and one should learn not to make those mistakes. Kids are looking up to him unfortunately and he should want his kids to emulate some of the negative things that he has done. I ‘m sure that he is also doing some positive things that are not being reported by the media. So I understand the authors struggle with equivalence but i firmly resist the idea that criminal acts should be praised.He is a talented rapper.I really hope that he leaves the criminal acts of his past buried there and he learns a lesson form this unfortunate ordeal. Clean up your act man,for your kids and all the kids across America that want to be T.I.


  3. Oh!What a life story of a musician!
    He looks so innocent,it’s an added advantage for him.
    Only proves that judging people with their looks can be deceptive!
    But creativity and talents will die in a criminal mind.


  4. @kubes: I think if you read it, you will see that I am not in fact praising him. I am pointing out the dichotomy that exists within his life and many other rap musicians. I do not condone his behavior and I think I clearly express that. Thanks for your comment, V


  5. I believe in forgiveness in peoples past action. But a spade is still a spade. He treated women like shit and needs no glamorizing or praise. I think you’d have a different opinion if it was your sister or mother hooking for him. So what if he can sing. A lot of great singers are good people deserve greater praise. Most criminals who get caught are guilty of other things instead of what they got away with. I think you have lost your mind praising this scumbag.


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