Thank you note: Goodbye Spencer RIP

I wrote this poem for my best friend Spencer Parris, today I learned that he was shot to death on July 17.  I had been calling and looking for him, I finally wrote an email and learned this .  It is not true, and he was killed by a trigger happy intoxicated cop.  I am in shock, utter and total complete shock, and I want my friend back, and I am posting this because I wrote it to my friend and I will never see him again.

Thank you note: Jan 13 2008 original post

You’re like the brother I never had,

The friend I’ve always needed.

My truth when I need a jolt of reality,

Unfortunately, not always heeded.

Your honesty is never lost on me

I marvel at your generosity.

I learn from you, laugh with you, and argue with you.

You listen to me, laugh at me, and keep me true.

I wanted to share these things, before life interfered inevitably.

As life always does, in ways we may not be able to foresee.

So Friend, let me take this moment to recognize you.

My friend, brother and more, I just wanted to say

Thank You.”

Copyright ©2007 Veronica Romm

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21 thoughts on “Thank you note: Goodbye Spencer RIP

  1. Reblogged this on My Latest Obsessions and commented:

    This is usually a happy place dealing with my obsessions. I re blogged this from my other site in light of the Eric Garner protests against police violence. In 2008 I lost my best friend BC of a police officer who shot him for no good reason. There is a link to the NY Times article about the incident which IS ENTIRELY FALSE. This loss has had a profound effect on me. The police killings around the USA have made me feel like I’m reliving Spencer’s murder over and over. This killing must end.


  2. I am truly sorry for such a loss. Nothing and no one can replace a life taken. Your words are beautiful and unforgettable. In time justice will be done. The truth always finds a way to reveal itself.


  3. Veronioca, I just found out today, how???? a year later? I am crushed, please email me



  4. What a tragedy to lose your best friend, especially in such a way as that. My heart goes out to you. I cannot imagine losing my best friend. I am so sorry for your loss and the fact that this note is so belated. I’ve been off of SU for a few weeks.

    Be well sweetie,


  5. just found your blob…and on such a sad note. I lost a friend when I was younger, but never had the chance to share the way you did…my deepest sympathies and sorrow for your loss…


  6. I read the article, and linked to his name. What a horrible thing this is. You have my deepest condolences on the loss of your friend. You did however, tell him you loved him in the poem. Many never do, you wrote something from the heart and he had to know how much you cared having read it. Thank you for sharing it with us. Makes me want to call my best friend and tell her I love her.


  7. thank you all for your responses. he was very loved and his death with not go unpunished. as time passes and more information comes to light, there will be a retraction in the papers, and much more justice being doled out. he had the best heart, and this is no way for him to be remembered.


  8. So sorry to hear of the needless loss of your friend.

    You know that I appreciate the futility of words and the feelings of uselessness that bystanders feel when someone has a big loss…I offer them anyway in the hope that they might help in the smallest way, it’s all I have.
    love to you
    Eileen x


  9. I would say that I am not yet brave. I am crushed. We were close and I wasnt prepared to live life without him. The media is BS the girlfriend instigator, I am angry and pummelled.


  10. Veronica, I am so sorry. I wish I was near and could give you a hug and offer my shoulder. I can offer an ear if you want to talk, and a virtual hug, and please, please, if there’s anything else I can do, let me know. (((Veronica)))


  11. Nothing can bring back the lost life.. no one can replace any one.. but this is life. Full of twists and turns..we never know where it takes us to.. No guarantee for our life on earth.. This loss must have touched u deeply……U r such a loving friend too.. hope u take the loss ~ bravely and face it…Life never stands still. It must move on..(((Hugs))) Bhanu


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