I got your back.


I got your back.

You’ve got mine.

Don’t listen to the haters,

We’re doing just fine.

Voices, looks

And exaggeration.

What they say means nothing,

Just causes needless aggravation.

Believe in you and me.

Now is what we have,

No one can tell us

What it ought to be.

Our only concern

Should be loving each other.

Enjoying the gift

Of the love of another.

Copyright ©2008 Veronica Romm

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With open eyes.

May it be a holiday.

New Year’s Eve or your Birthday.

Halloween,  Mother’s Day or graduation.

All of them deserve a celebration.

Dress up in a beaded gown.

A tailored suit won’t let you down.

Wear the colors of the season.

Some days you don’t need a reason.

Any day can be a joyous surprise .

Once you open up your eyes.

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