The Colors of Love.

The fresh green of the grass.

Your touch on my skin.

Our limbs entwined on the park lawn

as the breeze blows around us.

Hearts are dancing again.

The crisp blue of the water.

Your touch on my skin.

Waves crashing around us.

It is love we’ve been granted and

We have both given in.

The leaves falling yellow, orange, and red.

Wanting your touch on my skin.

I am chilled, dry to the bone,

Where have you been?

The red roaring fire.

Feeling your touch on my skin.

Snow falling outside the window

while you’re keeping me warm,

Yet now only in this dream.

Copyright ©2008 Veronica Romm

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11 thoughts on “The Colors of Love.

  1. verte, ma main dans ton pot
    de l’eau
    le printemps, bientôt

    l’or, ange
    coule des statues bien étranges
    que l’été en rondes range

    ce qui bouge
    dans la furie rouge
    de l’automne embrasé
    pardi, mes pieds

    le froid n’est pas blanc, mais bleu
    disent tes yeux
    à l’hiver malheureux

    (c) 2008 DUKOU ZUMIN &ditions Twalesk / CREATIVE COMMONS


  2. nice stuff, V money!

    tack on a “between love and life, there’s Obsession…” tagline at the end and it sounds like a nice Calvin Klein campaign to me.




  3. This was such a mix of emotions! And I felt sad at the end…love does have its seasons doesn’t it?

    This was very nice… 🙂


  4. A poet is an observer of the experiences, but unaffected by it.. because the poem is born only when U stand away and look at it… it may be a sad experience or a happy one.. but to write about it, one has to be an observer..Here we can see the experiences flow along with the colours and seasons…The happy memories of the past..yearning for those happy moments again, missing them.. realizing it’s all a dream now, yes it underlines sad longing for the intimacy and nearness of the loved one.. but more than sadness here I catch the picture of the beautiful moments they have spent together in their past..Great poem~ by a great poet!


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