About a Friend

From the archives:
This is the most popular of all my poems for the past year so here once again About a Friend.

Yes this is personal and yes it is true.
It is my experience that I am sharing with you.

We were so close like sisters people said.
Closer than that we were, it was over your head.

A bond that sparked instantaneously much like new romance.
Of course those that insinuated such did not follow the dance.

Give give, take take, it all seemed so equal at first.
No shadow of doubt, we would never be cursed.

Hours and days were spent sharing the past.
The laughter and tears were flowing and vast.

Each told of old sorrows and pain we had endured.
Consoling each other, we were each others cure.

We had found one another, knew it was different this time.
The ying to her yang, the partner to our crime.

We turned heads and made people wonder.
Quite a few tried to quiet the thunder.

This gave us our strength, like forces of nature together.
She and I against the world, no storm we couldn’t weather.

Life would charge in and test our power.
Tempted and taunted to see who would cower.

We prevailed time after time, year after year.
We drew lines for others that were perfectly clear.

Then one day it happened, the first of the clues.
A weakness exposed and a hint of a ruse.

“Not us I thought, this was not our path.”
Rips in the fabric, hidden agendas, you do the math.

And with just as much power as we united.
Truth had snuck in though reluctant and uninvited.

The face I began to recognize was that of a stranger.
I saw it clearly and knew of the danger.

I had heard the voice before and I remember I had shuddered.
Those combative words thrust at me she had finally uttered.

The loss was tremendous the grief devastating.
I now understood the line between loving and hating.

I missed her so, wishing for a branch or simply a leaf.
Yet not until I let her go was their any relief.

Why today of all days to write this for all to see?
Perhaps, maybe it means I can at last be free.

Copyright ©2007 Veronica Romm

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14 thoughts on “About a Friend

  1. This is indeed very real, as my friend V always is…her writing is pure and honest and that is why I find her writing so amazing.

    We have all experienced this sort of relationship and its eventual demise, sad, but a very real part of life. The good thing is that we end up stronger in the end.

    You rock V!

    Your friend,


  2. Wonderful Veronica,
    I’ll quote a friend of mine,
    “Holding on By Letting Go”
    We do this as a necessity for inner sanctity and a need to move forward


  3. I had a friend like this once. Our relationship ended because she took up with an abusive man and because she and I were friends the abuse seeped into my life. I had to end the relationship. It was sad! Lovely post!


  4. I am under the weather and having trouble focusing, but the poem drew me in. Unfortunately, it is so sad… can you write something to cheer me up tomorrow?

    I have had few close friends in life and it has hurt tremendously when they were lost.


  5. Hi veronicaromm

    Thank you for visiting my site, yours is really interesting too. You seem to have started just after me?

    I like this poem in particular. It is really beautifully written. I used to write poetry when I was younger and reading things like this really make me want to take it back up again.

    I’ll make sure to bookmark you and come back to visit.

    All the Best and Happy Holidays



  6. I’m deeply in the valley where there is no air, just gladness to breathe…. and such gladness is by the virtue of similar phase I’ve lived as well, at a very young age. I went into flashback for few moments and I could feel the sorrow.

    Would a smile with fulfillment say it all? Yes, that’s what! I’m unable to encompass into words the feeling that perhaps one experiences within; when one just feels good for having read something that was expressed by else but probably which is just what one has not been able to say to himslef on his own.

    Once upon a time, I had a brother-like friend.


  7. Excellent…. Once again.

    I’ve been there. I know the euphoria that you felt and the intense pain of having it ripped away from you. The disappointment to know that what was once everything you dreamed about was no more.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story… and for telling it so well.



  8. Unfucking believable! You top yourself constantly! I’m a such a fan. This story sucked me in and made me feel the happiness, then the sorrow you felt.


    Your friend,


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