Our Teens are Running Wild

The problem is not new, nor should it be fodder for gossip. Today’s teens are simply running wild.  They are greater risk takers, more sexually active and overly informed than any teenage population that came before.  From MTV pimping over the top Sweet Sixteen celebrations, as voyeuristic glances into the tiny percentage of the population that can afford to have Usher at their parties. To “reality dating” shows modeling behaviors that are breeding  at risk teens and young adults, by promoting excessive drinking and providing hot tubs as an option for each date.  The media and the freely accessibile internet access colludes with the corruption of our teenage children.  Yet, it is as if we forget that the main responisibility for what our teens do falls squarely on parents for no other influence is as great and as influential as that of family.Web 2.0 and “social networking” are a  much more effective means of communication utilized feverishly by adolescents.  Advancements such as video chats, give adolescent the more private forum to “explore” with various behaviors and cultures, alternate lifestyles and some really out there “freakish” things we as adults can’t even grasp.  There are now translators for the slang used by kids to “text message” one another.  Yes the illiterate language devised to further stunt any thinking that might be needed to right in full sentences. Do we want our kids paralyzed by gadgets?  Do we want our kids informed by those that have the freedom to express absolutely any view they wish and with pictures and video to make it more entertaining, such as the site The Church of Euthanasia. As a teacher and writer I use the internet to a almost embarassing degree for both information gathering and inspiration for my writing efforts.  I Googled euthanasia for a student who was assigned the topic as a final paper in her English class.  This essay was to be a persuasive argument for or against the controversial practice.  About five to seven links down the results of the search was the link to the church that I mentioned.  Clicking on the site I gasped and shook with anxiety as I finally understood what we (parents, teachers, kids) were up against. The site promotes among other things, death in all forms, sodomy an suicide.  So there I was doing what my students were by researching the topic, and there it was, like any other site.  Organized (not well) just enough to have their information viewed and their “Four Pillars” defined.  I will not share the ideas espoused by this website, but you should take a look sometime and see what your kids read for their school projects. 

Then there is the inevitable Hollywood influence.  Our kids love music and movies just like we did.  Yet they are getting to hear about and watch the pop idols they worship live the most reckless and dangerous of lives.  Pregnant Disney TV show stars, the network is probably scrambling to find a way to separate themselves from the shamed star of their show “Zoey 101” as we learn that young Jamie Lynn Spears may have been having an “affair” with an older executive.  Wholesome teenage fun for the whole family, right?   The media is stoning Lynne Spears, and yes her daughters are particularly frightening, but is she to blame?   


The Megan Meier’s story is particularly disturbing and has all the elements that are facilitating an adolescent epidemic of risk taking and poor judgment.  To quickly sum up the Megan Meier’s story is difficult for there are many layers.  It involves female friendships, parenting skills, MySpace, boys and very irresponsible adults.  Megan apparently had a falling out with her close friend and neighbor and this neighbors Mom Lori Drew was concerned that Megan was going to say indecent things about her daughter.  She quickly created a MySpace profile of a young handsome boy she named Josh Evans from a neighboring town, and started communicating with Megan in a flirtatious way.  Megan had been dealing with self esteem issues along with every other adolescent, and found the attention of the young man exciting.  He was cute and sweet and could really understand her.  He told her she was pretty and wanted to be her boyfriend.  She had no reason to think anything else was happening. Three weeks into the internet relationship, he turned on Megan and said she was not the kind of person he wanted to associate with due to things he heard from kids at her school.  She responded with shock, tears and hanging herself with a belt as her parents got ready for dinner downstairs.  It was quickly disclosed that the boy with whom Megan had bonded was really a collaborative effort of a family, initiated by the matriarch Mrs. Drew, and maintained by all.  They explained that they started the profile on MySpace to protect their daughter from slanderous talk (never did Megan say a bad thing about her neighbor or anyone else).  Since the rest of the neighborhood found out about the families twisted game, the Drews has complained of harassment on several occasions.  To date there will be no charges found against the MySpace family hoax or any of the participants. A tragedy like this is unthinkable yet it is subtle, societal and scary. 

If the teenagers seem frightening as they shoot up shopping malls during the holidays, is it possible to assume that the parents must have something to do with it?  As the story of Megan illustrates the power of the internet on our young ones, it also shows parents as they set the example for their children.  Taunting a young person for fun, causing pain and perpetuating deceit are lessons these parents clearly imparted to their own children.  What do we do as members of society to protect our kids from such insidiousness? 

There are several basic parenting principles that can have a positive impact on children.  Use them, and perhaps we can gain back control just enough to produce citizens who we could be proud of.  These basics are not “new age” and they are certainly not difficult to grasp, but do we care to save our kids?  Perhaps we should try. 

Boundaries are a necessity for kids.  They want and need them and parents have to provide them.  Without understanding their own boundaries and those of others, kids have no way to gauge their attitudes and behaviors.  It is not as simple as saying something is good or bad, right or wrong, but why and in what scenario?  Guiding adolescents by defining boundaries allows them to process social behavior and respond to it.  Lynne Spears allowed her young daughter, underage and naïve to not only have an older boyfriend but to basically co-habitate with him.  Some may say, “at least I know they are safe, they are home after all.”  Yet the child was fourteen if the story is at all accurate, when she began dating this young man.  If at fourteen this type of behavior is accepted then it stands to reason that two years into a relationship a pregancy wouldn’t be such a shock after all.  There also appears no discussion about whether these young people had protection or used it, or what type and who provided it?  Why is that not an important enough facet of the story to focus on?  It could only help send the message that there are no guarantees and always that chance that even with protection, there are risks.  Boundaries again play a part in this particular case because not only did Lynne not provide any, but there was also an older sister, incredibly troubled and ridiculously famous,  shirking all decency in front of the entire world.  Losing her children, behaving in a way that could only be seen as psychologically volatile, and big sister Britney Spears never knew a boundary she didn’t obscenely cross.   

Teenagers need to learn through actions about consequences. They must know that an action may have a positive or negative reaction and this fact should come as no surprise by the time a kid is in their teens.  There is plenty of argument about punishment, and I am not sure where I stand on this globally.  Yet parents must define consequences for their children with consistency. 

This brings me to the adolescent’s desperate need for consistency from their parents.  They need to understand clearly what their actions will lead to every time.  It seems as though parents are afraid to provide consistent consequences because they “feel bad” or it seems they fear their kid’s reactions.  If parents allow kids to turn the tables and assume the position of authority, how can they be blamed for their inevitable transgressions?  There are parents and there are children. Parents can not be mistaken for “friends”; they must never stop parenting in a consistent and committed fashion.

This brings us to commitment to our children and to parenting.  This commitment I describe is a life long, full time job parent’s take on when they bring a child into this world.  They must commit to setting boundaries, parenting with consistency and establishing consequences.  They must enforce this on a daily basis without fail.  Does this sound like a Herculean task?  Perhaps it is at times and I by no means wish to imply that parenting in this era is easy or terrain that is well traveled.  Yet the alternative, as we have so clearly been shown again and again in the tabloids, and stories of tragic lost kids doing unthinkable things almost daily by the media, can’t possibly be ignored.  There has to be a better way to guide our youth, than by the examples I have shared.  Without a doubt the answer is parents, parenting, and society’s willingness to see some changes in the way adolescents are perceived and accept them so as to help them. 

There is hope for both the parents and our youth.  I ask you then; will you make the commitment before that hope is extinguished?  I think our kids are worth it. It is up to all of us to convince them of their worth, through guidance, patience and setting a reasonable example. 

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  Copyright ©2007 Veronica Romm

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6 thoughts on “Our Teens are Running Wild

  1. I thank God everyday that my children are grown, although, now I worry about my grandchildren and all that they are exposed to through the media. It’s amazing to think how much life and society have changed in the past fifty years alone.

    A prime example: On last night’s news cast they had a clip about ‘potty mouthed princesses’. Some woman’s group is now using little girls, ages 5 to 13, in their commercial using foul language in an effort at ‘shock’ advertising. The advertizing industry would have to shoot me before I’d ever allow my young daughter to participate in such a tasteless video, especially to be aired publicly.

    In many cases, the parents are to blame for their children’s lost innocence. Admittedly, in today’s world it is hard to monitor all of the ‘trashy’ input children are subjected to across the various media channels, but there is no valid excuse to include them in the creation of such filth. It would almost be better to let the kids run wild than to exploit them for monetary gain — in my opinion.


  2. Your kid is a punk when he joins the Air Force at 18 he becuase will be chasing angel spirits with a hellocopter as soon as he starts active duty. I might be wrong maybe they have to be oldtimeres initiated into the secrets of the crashed flying suacers from other planets. Then they learn how the university scientist reverse engeneerd an angel trap they found on the craft. Their told to expect a New World Order where angel traps will be on all the sidewalks. They dont love God and the try to do harm to the angels in the traps with gamma -alpha nucleur radiation. Cast your vote against this!


  3. Well stated. I think it is true that the most powerful tool we have against this kind of regression is the family unit. Check out what Bill Cosby has been saying about this exact thing. Unless we find a way to bring back the family unit and family values, we might be facing the beginning of the end.

    Want to read more on things that are helping to corrupt our young impressionable minds? Check out these posts.

    File This One Under: “Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD”

    Furthering The Decline…

    Well done! Keep up the good work!


  4. Dear friend, you’re right. But not at all.
    Our boys and girl are wild, it’s true. We say that they listen to music without contents, without melodies, that they watch TV without contens.
    It’s the system we create to keep them wild.

    Ancient greek philosophers said that family is the first state, in the family the youngs become the adults of tomorrow. So I think that families are the principal cause of this trend.
    In the last 20 years we see people who get married and then divorce, young girl who abort, young boys who buy guns. Where are their mothers? Their fathers?

    People in our society is the result of its family education. We must change the basis of the system, because the system is too big to be changed.
    Family is the key, and to obtain good parents we must have good teachers.
    Today we must educate children to the old values, which are gradually disappearing.

    Today our children (and those of 1-2 generations ago) see videogames, sex, and so on in TV, in shops… They are bombed from advertising.

    We are victims, they are victims. We grew thinking “how many desire can I saisfy for myself?”. But these desires are fake, they has been created in a room by who give you TV, videogames..and so on. Governments and corporations are corrupted and they aim only to get more power, more money.

    They’re deleting the sprituality by exchanging it with word like “freedom”, “free to choose”, “trend”, “fashion”.

    Great article Veronica, good work.


  5. Its a very conservative approach. But in these scary times. I guess our kids need more help from adults than most of are willing to admit. Hopefully as the world gets older our technology wont break our most important family bonds. I like very much what you wrote. It takes a writting like this to get things going in a more positive direction.


  6. This is so sad.
    I guess it is always important to never take anything at face value with all of the technology people have at their disposal. It makes sense that the web will give the darker aspects of society just as much a voice as the lighter.
    Nicely done.


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