Anger unmanaged

anger and fear, rage, hatred, revolting.
in one second sparks ignite nothing in its trajectory  safe.
words sputter through clenched teeth, raised voices, prickly tongues.
jabs, slices, punches  inflicting maximum pain.
no rational thought, respect, or love.
deeply planted wounds seep with fresh blood.
a storm so out of control demanding attention.
no cure once blinded by the rush.
it spins through each cell and fiber.
hoping, trying to regain control as the venom attacks the soul.
breathing steadies, pulse no longer blaring.
around, tossed in the rubble is the evidence the damage done.
despicable words spoken replay on the tape.
left standing amidst intolerable shame.

Copyright ©2009 Veronica Romm

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7 thoughts on “Anger unmanaged

  1. I like it! are you ignoring me?Havent heard from you in awhile

    MArc Andrzejczak

    from Buffalo
    your old friend
    etc…. 🙂

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