The long distance kiss.

Repost from 2007

She blew him a kissIt was shaped like her lipsHe caught it with prideFor it had made quite a trip.

Over the citiesAnd the great sea.A wondrous voyageIt had turned out to be.

So once it arrivedIt was placed with great careOn the forehead belongingTo a most royal heir.

He smiled as he felt itRush through his veins.This kiss that brought with itThe cure for his pains.


Copyright ©2007 Veronica Romm


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20 thoughts on “The long distance kiss.

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I was looking for romantic kissing pictures and came across this. The poem is marvelous, for real.


  2. Awe…Thanks I needed that…very delightful, My weekend away from my girl was made somehow better with a kiss to look forward to.


  3. I saw you on dontdatethatdude’s blog comment, and I must say, this poem was delightful!

    I mean granted, I’m 90% sarcastic, but that really spoke to my 10% sweet side 😉


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