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Ode to Edie: Andy’s Superstar

One from the Archives Mayflower girl surrounded by sins. East coast blue blood coursing through her veins. Santa Barbara born, raised in the bins, Escaped to New York to ease her pains. Poor little rich girl, embraced by the crowd. She’s danced like a goddess And the maker was proud. Watching as she groped for… Continue reading Ode to Edie: Andy’s Superstar

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Electing the American President

Repost MLK DAY 2018 Repost from 2008 election. How things change and how they stay the same: Today November 4, 2008 we are all a part of the most important event in political history.  Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate might possibly become the first black president of the United States.  Watching the two years of… Continue reading Electing the American President

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A guys guide for gift giving and card signing for Valentines Day/ holidays.

This guide is for everyone, whether in a new relationship or an established one. 1.  Just met, you like her but it’s very new. The gift: Get something you know she likes from a shop you know she goes to.  You are not expected at this phase to buy "the perfect" gift, just one that… Continue reading A guys guide for gift giving and card signing for Valentines Day/ holidays.

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Who Knew?

Ever since I first wrote this signature post for my blog I have had the pleasure of learning so much more and meeting so many new people through my blog and social media. So I wanted to repost it for those new and wonderful people that have become so supportive of my writing. Thanks guys,… Continue reading Who Knew?