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A relationship grows on Twitter.

Time for an update: Feb. 20. 2016 Yes these two bicoastal friends found their way to each other. Surprising both they fell in love. They spent 5 glorious, confusing and intense months together. Then came truth. The truth always comes out. We had hope for these lovers but as most things in life all was… Continue reading A relationship grows on Twitter.

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Our Teens are Running Wild

The problem is not new, nor should it be fodder for gossip. Today’s teens are simply running wild.  They are greater risk takers, more sexually active and overly informed than any teenage population that came before.  From MTV pimping over the top Sweet Sixteen celebrations, as voyeuristic glances into the tiny percentage of the population… Continue reading Our Teens are Running Wild

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With open eyes.

May it be a holiday. New Year's Eve or your Birthday. Halloween,  Mother's Day or graduation. All of them deserve a celebration. Dress up in a beaded gown. A tailored suit won't let you down. Wear the colors of the season. Some days you don't need a reason. Any day can be a joyous surprise… Continue reading With open eyes.