My smile

I am a stumbleupon fan, it is my most used site. I received this from a fellow SU user terencechang

wow.. Lovely smile.


I happened to found your smile on the Happiness page.

Check out the blogger smiles I collected. I am hoping to get your great smile on the happiest blog in the world as well.


Here are some of the blogger smiles.

Thank you for taking time to smile!

So I went to the site and saw a lovely page with people smiling all over it. I didn’t think twice about participating and responded that I was in.


Thank you for your participation. Here is how it works.

I will grab your great smile and post on the site and link to your stumbleUpOn profile and the blog your list under your profile. I will need your answers about the following 5 easy questions.

1. Something about you and your blogs/sites.
2. Why were you smiling in the photo?
3. How would you find happiness and be happy?
4. What is the secret of your great smile?
5. What would you recommend people do to find happiness and be happy?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Have a great day!

So I did and this is the title and link on the piece they did on me.

Blogger Smile – Intereview – a great joker smile from the advice girl that make my day.

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Anger unmanaged

anger and fear, rage, hatred, revolting.
in one second sparks ignite nothing in its trajectory  safe.
words sputter through clenched teeth, raised voices, prickly tongues.
jabs, slices, punches  inflicting maximum pain.
no rational thought, respect, or love.
deeply planted wounds seep with fresh blood.
a storm so out of control demanding attention.
no cure once blinded by the rush.
it spins through each cell and fiber.
hoping, trying to regain control as the venom attacks the soul.
breathing steadies, pulse no longer blaring.
around, tossed in the rubble is the evidence the damage done.
despicable words spoken replay on the tape.
left standing amidst intolerable shame.

Copyright ©2009 Veronica Romm

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I got your back.


I got your back.

You’ve got mine.

Don’t listen to the haters,

We’re doing just fine.

Voices, looks

And exaggeration.

What they say means nothing,

Just causes needless aggravation.

Believe in you and me.

Now is what we have,

No one can tell us

What it ought to be.

Our only concern

Should be loving each other.

Enjoying the gift

Of the love of another.

Copyright ©2008 Veronica Romm

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