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Who Knew?

Ever since I first wrote this signature post for my blog I have had the pleasure of learning so much more and meeting so many new people through my blog and social media. So I wanted to repost it for those new and wonderful people that have become so supportive of my writing. Thanks guys,… Continue reading Who Knew?

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Daily affirmation: Live

I went our today having  certain expectations. Plans didn't work out at all like they were supposed to. They worked out so much better though. The reason I believe that the outcome was so positive is because I didn't sweat the situation, and just went with it.  Sometimes people don't have control of their workday… Continue reading Daily affirmation: Live

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Everybody Knows

Concrete Blonde - Everybody Knows I named my blog Who Knew? almost exactly one year ago.  I had no idea how aptly I had titled the blog and as a year passes it reinforces within me a certain innate ability to honestly say "I have no idea what the future holds." I am someone who… Continue reading Everybody Knows