My random collection of topics such as :  News, health, psychology, mythology, technology, and/or whatever else stirs me into reading.  I hope the pieces I select start conversations, and generate ideas.  Comments are welcome and encouraged but moderated for language.  i.e. you can disagree, but please don’t be foul or insulting.

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2 thoughts on “Randoms”

  1. One of the funniest books I ever read was “Ham on Rye.” Bukowski was a genius and one of my anti-heroes. There is a really good documentary on him, though I forget the name. He is driving around with the film-maker in his old VW Beetle and pointing out places where he worked, such as the old post office. The film would be incomplete without a drunken and disorderly Bukowski upsetting a scene or two. He does manage to smack his wife and give a rambling poetry reading after draining two bottles of wine.

  2. I have read most of Leo’s work, and found the beauty in this very earthy writings. He really represented that heavy drinking, wild living image of American writers–ie; Hemingway, Steinbeck, etc. I should have you help me write a story about my favorite author-Ken Kesey. From your Furry Freak Bros

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