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My beach day: Spring Lake NJ

Yesterday I spent a gorgeous day at Spring Lake in New Jersey, otherwise known as the Joysey Shore.

Fun on the Jersey Shore

The weather was phenomenal and the the waves were big and amazing.  The water temp. was perfect sun was shining…a perfect day really.   I love going out and diving into waves.  There is a rhythm to it and it is a phenomenal workout.  Today I feel like I worked every muscle and I love that feeling of not really knowing or feeling you are working out because it is so exhilarating yet getting a kick ass workout.

The down side of a day in the rough sea is that I got water in my ear.  One of the waves I must admit pummeled my left side as I tried to outsmart it.

I have always been a strong swimmer but PARENTS teach your kids to swim, because the ocean is unpredictable and powerful.  I respect it and it got my ear pretty good yesterday. (That was my PSA for safe ocean fun)

After the beach we went to La Dolce Vita Restaurant in Belmar NJ  the town adjacent to Spring Lake.

Belmar NJ Fishing Pier

The food was phenomenal.  I ordered the Mussels in White Wine sauce which were absolutely delightful.  The sauce was amazing for dipping bread (I could have drank it it was so good).  My entree was the Pistachio Crusted Chilean Sea bass with Mushroom Risotto which is on the regular menu and notoriously good.  It was that and more, perfectly cooked, and simply divine.  Then the four of us split one piece of the special peaches and cream pie.  It was the perfect end to a memorable meal.

A glorious day I will remember for time to come.

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