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Ok, so it’s not what I hoped.


April 28th 2008:

This morning I wrote the post below thinking I was having Laproscopic surgery, easy in out, done.  Unfortunately, I am now having as my surgeon said “Major surgery that has a high success rate.”  I also must wait yet another week because I will be needing a series of pre-op tests this week to prepare for the main event.  These include procedures that require local anesthetic and are “generally very uncomfortable.”  Once those are done I am expected to be in the hospital for FOUR days at the very least. 




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Patch me up. stat!



 This is the post from this morning.

Today I am off to meet the Surgeon who will be opening me up and tinkering with my insides. I am calm and ready to get better. The Dr. comes highly recommended by a few different people I trust. Hoping that I can get operated on tomorrow b/c the last 3 weeks have been less than, to say the least. Wish me luck kids and hope my procedure does not mirror that of the above cartoon. Peace, Veronica

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