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My smile

I am a stumbleupon fan, it is my most used site. I received this from a fellow SU user terencechang wow.. Lovely smile.   I happened to found your smile on the Happiness page. Check out the blogger smiles I collected. I am hoping to get your great smile on the happiest blog in the… Continue reading My smile

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With open eyes.

May it be a holiday. New Year's Eve or your Birthday. Halloween,  Mother's Day or graduation. All of them deserve a celebration. Dress up in a beaded gown. A tailored suit won't let you down. Wear the colors of the season. Some days you don't need a reason. Any day can be a joyous surprise… Continue reading With open eyes.

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Happiness is…

When our fore father's were writing what would become one of the most important and controversial documents framing societal mores so to speak, they obviously believed that "happiness" was an important  factor by including; "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," one of the most famous phrases in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and seen as part of the… Continue reading Happiness is…