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Who Knew?

Ever since I first wrote this signature post for my blog I have had the pleasure of learning so much more and meeting so many new people through my blog and social media. So I wanted to repost it for those new and wonderful people that have become so supportive of my writing. Thanks guys,… Continue reading Who Knew?

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A relationship grows on Twitter.

Time for an update: Feb. 20. 2016 Yes these two bicoastal friends found their way to each other. Surprising both they fell in love. They spent 5 glorious, confusing and intense months together. Then came truth. The truth always comes out. We had hope for these lovers but as most things in life all was… Continue reading A relationship grows on Twitter.

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My beach day: Spring Lake NJ

Yesterday I spent a gorgeous day at Spring Lake in New Jersey, otherwise known as the Joysey Shore. The weather was phenomenal and the the waves were big and amazing.  The water temp. was perfect sun was shining...a perfect day really.   I love going out and diving into waves.  There is a rhythm to it… Continue reading My beach day: Spring Lake NJ