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not proper english

They lay together buy the cool placid pool


Water splashing there toned bodys


As the fountains spew fourth mysts of slippery drops


They gaze in eachothers I’s and no it will bee all write


Because there soles are won fourever


Copyright ©2007 Veronica Romm

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response to a rap written by a guy who lost his girl.

What ever you need to do don’t let her go.

 If there is a way, only you can know. 

Alone on a night when it feels like forever,

You can forget all the bullshit, stop being so clever. 

 And tell her you love her, that you were wrong.

You gotta be hurting to be writing this song. 

If she means that much why let it go?

There’s no need to front or put up a show. 

 Cuz love has no pride, it humbles the soul,

Can you risk that without her, you may never be whole?

Copyright ©2007  Veronica  Romm

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